💼Bridge & Wallet Setup

opBNB is a Layer 2 scaling solution for the BNB Chain. It is built on the OP Stack, and will offer users faster and cheaper transactions through optimistic rollups.

Key Takeaways

  • opBNB is an optimistic rollup network built to scale BSC. It is meant to take the bulk of the workload away from the mainnet and enable the whole network to perform better against increased demand. It uses a sequencer for transactions and a Batcher to package them into batches.

  • opBNB network attempts to achieve high throughput without sacrificing security by contracting the main network (BSC) for the final validation of transactions performed on its execution layer. A verifier is used to ensure the integrity of these transactions.

  • opBNB mainnet has launched after spending over a month in the testing phase, with the network will be gradually opened to the general public.

How To Bridge

In addition to the official bridge, which we recommend for users to use, a few third-party bridges already exist that support the opBNB layer-2 blockchain.

Third-party Bridges:

As the opBNB ecosystem starts to develop, new bridges are bound to appear. We will update this list periodically to reflect all viable options to bridge from/to the chain.

Wallet Configuration

You can use any Etheruem or BSC wallet with opBNB. For instance, I will show you how to set up Metamask and TrustWallet for opBNB.

To configure your wallet to work with opBNB, you will need to add both the BNB Smart Chain (Layer 1) and the opBNB network (Layer 2). Follow these steps:

  1. Add the BNB smart chain to your wallet. This is the Layer 1 blockchain that opBNB is built on top of.


  2. Add the opBNB network to your wallet.


If you require more help, please refer to the follow guide which also includes some pictures:

Now you are ready to acces and use the opBNB blockchain. Start exploring the ecosystem and don't forget to buy opMoon!

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